Let's Get

Sudbury Working.

"Sudbury needs to be a safe bet for jobs and investment"


The City of Greater Sudbury now has the highest unemployment rate in Ontario (2018), and our population growth rate has dropped to one fifth of the national average (StatsCan 2017). We need to attract jobs and people in order to support our sprawling infrastructure while maintaining our services. Without growth, as people retire our tax base will shrink and tax rates will have to go up.

I am committed to working towards growth and job creation through:

1. Investing in our aging infrastructure.

Our town is in serious need of infrastructure investment - bridges and metal culverts are at their extreme replacement dates, pipes are bursting all the time, and our community arenas are in need of renovation.

I will advocate investing in sustainable infrastructure by looking at long-term planning, and limiting infrastructure expansion until we can fix what is already in use today. Proactive investment will create jobs, save millions in the long-run, and make our community safer.

2. Working with our private industry and entrepreneurs.

I will be available to work with businesses looking to invest in our town to help them navigate our bureaucracy. I have experience working with the city from starting a business here, organizing a variety of events in Greater Sudbury, and as Logistics Coordinator for the Up Here Urban Art and Music Festival. I will expand that knowledge so that I can sit down with investors and city staff to lay out a clear plan through the applications and permits.

3. Follow-Through.

Greater Sudbury is the economic centre of Northern Ontario and we want it to be the first choice for investors. City council, city staff, and citizens have worked hard and spent many taxpayer dollars to develop our Official Plan, Cultural Plan, Downtown Master Plan, Economic Development Plan and more. 

Sudbury needs to be a safe bet, and our city policy should consistently support these visions.  Corporations and investors will see us follow-through with our plans, and will be confident investing in Greater Sudbury.

4. Consistency from Building Services.

I’ve heard from a lot of frustrated people who try to do things right, apply for a building permit, and then find that getting anything done feels like they’re shooting at a moving target.

Inconsistency of requirements and policy at the city can make it scary and expensive to do business. This pushes some projects underground, to be completed off-the-books without permits and proper oversight, and other efforts that would improve our city are simply abandoned.  

There need to be clear and consistent requirements, that are reasonable and fair for residents. We need to ensure that our requirements are on par with other progressive municipalities. Why are we asking for engineering drawings to put up siding? Why are residents calling in one day and getting a different story the next? These issues with Building Services need to be addressed so that Sudburians can get back to work.


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