Geoff McCausland is a problem-solver, not a politician. A proud Northerner and francophile, Geoff has led a dynamic life working in our region’s growing creative industry. He loves this city, is passionate about the future of Ward 4, and wants transparency and accountability from our municipal government.

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I believe in safe roads that are built to last.

Greater Sudbury is famous for its potholes, and despite the fact that a quarter of the city's annual budget goes to road construction and maintenance ($133.6 Million dollars in 2017, more than we spend on anything else) - they are often built poorly, fall apart ahead of schedule, and destroy our vehicles.

We have many challenges that affect road construction in Greater Sudbury, which is why we need to seek out different and innovative ways of building roads that last.

Job Creation

Investing in infrastructure is investing in people.

As a good roof protects a family’s home and their belongings, good infrastructure protects a city’s families, cars and homes.

Our town is in serious need of infrastructure investment - bridges and metal culverts are at their extreme replacement dates, pipes are bursting all the time, and our community arenas are in need of renovation.

Proactive investment will create jobs, save millions in the long-run, and make our community safer.

Greater Sudbury is the economic center of Northern Ontario and we want it to be the first choice for investors. City council, city staff, and citizens have worked hard and spent many taxpayer dollars to develop our Official Plan, Cultural Plan, Downtown Master Plan, Economic Development Plan and more.

We need our city policy to consistently support these visions so that corporations and investors will see us follow-through with our plans, and will be confident investing in Greater Sudbury.

Sudbury needs to be a safe bet.

A progressive city is a prosperous city.

As with many cities, the City of Greater Sudbury is stifled by red tape and outdated policies. Instead of being reactive, we need our city to make proactive policy changes - learning when to be firm with the rules and when to change them.

As councillor I want to work with our city’s entrepreneurs - to help them navigate the bureaucracy, find answers to their questions, and seek solutions to their problems. I want to help our city to be more agile and versatile, so that we can be open to new and exciting ideas.  

Our community has for decades been a center for innovation. Whether in mining, environmental science, medicine, forestry, robotics, or elsewhere - Sudburians have been leading the way. We’ve found green solutions to dirty problems, explored the deepest reaches of the Earth, and fostered a spirit of curiosity and creativity.

We need to encourage and support innovation, so that brilliant minds will continue to make Greater Sudbury their home.

Sometimes obstacles can be opportunities.

Healthy Communities

A healthy city starts with healthy neighbourhoods.

I believe in setting people up for success, and trying to give our most vulnerable an equal footing from which to live and work.

As councillor I will advocate affordable housing, smarter transit, independent living developments for seniors, and policies and programs that increase health equity across the city’s wards.

Whether heading to Whitewater Lake for a dip, playing ball in Elm West, or hitting the snowmobile trails, Sudburians love to play outside.

I will work to ensure we properly maintain our trails and parks, support recreational programs and facilities, and strive for active living to be within reach of every Sudburian.

A healthy community plays outside.

A healthy community shares its stories.

Since the first rails were laid here, our community has been home to many languages, cultures and peoples.

I want for us to embrace, respect, and celebrate our many and distinct voices by supporting our libraries, museums, talent, festivals, and our local cultural organizations.

Throughout my career as a professional musician I have held many leadership roles working with arts institutions. My experience has lead to my being hired by the Ontario Arts Council as a grant-juror (directing the investment of hundreds of thousands in provincial funds), and being asked to join Greater Sudbury’s Cultural Plan Steering Committee.

The City of Greater Sudbury has already committed to investing millions of dollars into arts and culture facilities in the coming years, and my experience will be crucial in making sure that your money is wisely spent.

A healthy community listens together.

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Originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, Geoff was first introduced to Northern Ontario while working as a tree-planter just north of Chapleau. After graduating from McGill University, Geoff moved to Sudbury for a four month contract with the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra. The city’s vibrant community, rugged outdoor landscapes and wealth of opportunities caused him to declare Sudbury home.

A lifelong student and avid entrepreneur, Geoff has designed beer recipes for Stack Brewing, co-founded the critically acclaimed local restaurant The Motley Kitchen, taught a generation of young musicians, learned to sail on Lake Ramsey, and renovated a house in the Donovan - where he lives with his partner Marie-Josée, and their Border Collie, Doug.

For the past decade Geoff has been working across our region’s growing creative industry - bringing his energy, discipline and expertise to stages and classrooms across Northern Ontario. He teaches private violin lessons to students of all ages, directs a community string group in Timmins, and can be seen performing with orchestras across the province.

For eight years Geoff was violinist, director and treasurer of Sudbury’s Juno-nominated Silver Birch String Quartet, and since 2013 he’s turned his violin into a fiddle with the Sudbury-based bluegrass band Murder Murder. Geoff has recorded on eleven albums, performed in fifteen countries, and shared the stage with many notable artists, including Serena Ryder, Tanya Tagaq, and Iskwé.

Between tours and contracts, Geoff has worked both in front of and behind the camera in Sudbury's growing film industry - as Assistant Director, Grip, Electrician, and actor.

When not working, he enjoys playing hockey, hiking, camping, porketta-bingo, photography, and live music.

With his passionate energy, financial management experience, diverse skillset, and creative problem-solving abilities, Geoff will bring a fresh perspective to our city council.


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